Crown caps exchange offer, collection, sale, and suggestions by Mihailo Alic

I would like to offer crown caps mostly from Serbia for similar set from your country.

Since the international postage is not linear (it is similar if you send registered letter with 1 or 15 caps, and is only 50% more if you are sending 100), it is cost-efficient to exchange in sets of 100 caps, to pay less postage per cap. Here is my most recent (27.4.2021) 14x7 offer:

First 3 rows are most prominent Serbian beer brands (Jelen, Zajecarsko and Lav) followed by previous years Jelen and Zajecarsko caps. Nikšicko and Nikšicko dark are Montenigrin beers but bottled in Serbia (as is Laško, Slovenian beer, Staropramen ("S"), Lowenbrau, and Branik, Czech beer). Then there are other versions of Zajecarsko (green for Special, gold for 0.33 l, and black for dark beer). There is also a commemorative Zajecarsko 125 years, and the latest one (Zajednicko je zajecarsko). You are also getting two most important craft beer caps: Salto and Crow. A variety of smaller brands as Apatinsko, Valjevsko (old and new) are in the set as well. Featured are also Jelen Chill, and Lav Premium. Le Coq, Cortes, Heineken, Carlsberg and Somersby are the most presented foreign brands here in Serbia. Since some of the caps are out of production, others are caps rarely offered in exchanges, I trade them for the same number (98) of your regular different caps of my choice. Unfortunately there are no more domestic beer brands in Serbia, so I am offering 1, 2 or 5 each, but I am sure you would easily use them in further cap exchanges. YOU CAN EDIT THIS OFFER BY MIXING IT WITH OTHER SERBIAN AND INTERNATIONAL CAPS I OFFER:

First 10 caps I am exchanging for 3 regular caps since they are out of circulation, and in great condition. The rest of row 2 and row 3 are out of circulation but not in best condition, so they are 2 regular caps worth.

I am accepting your offers sent to, or

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