Crown caps collection (660 caps, 26.4.21), exchange, sale, suggestions, and board game by Mihailo Alic

sets: Spain Poland Germany Czech republic Belgium Lithuania non-beer caps

First two trays are crown caps from Serbia and ex-YU countries, ordered by breweries: Apatin Brewery, Carlsberg Srbija and Heineken Srbija (owns Novi Sad Brewery). The remaining of market share is controlled by domestic breweries Valjevo Brewery, BIP Brewery (now only non-alcoholic beverage Kvas), Jagodina Brewery (currently in limbo), Niš Brewery and 20 other minor breweries. The most popular domestic brand is Jelen, followed by Zaječarsko and Lav.

Apatinska brewery is owned by Molson Coors, and has following brands: Jelen, Jelen Fresh (radler), Nikšićko, Apatinsko, Miller, Staropramen, Bavaria, Beck's, Corona, Hoegaarden, Leffe, Lowenbrau, Stella Artois and Branik.

Jelen brand exists from the late 1960's. The first cap in the collection is from the turn of the 21. century, followed by the white one that was introduced with privatization of the brewery in 2003, and was current till 2009. During 2008. a giveaway "SAD ILI NIKAD" (now or never) had red caps, followed by 2009. giveaway "Jelenizacija" with yellow cap. The white cap was replaced by the golden one at the end of 2009. Jelen Cool, a non-alcoholic beer, was introduced in 2010, as was giveaway Južna Afrika. 2014. came with a giveaway "SAKUPI KODOVE, sigurno dobijaš". "Jelen svetlo pivo" is from 2016, it ends the period of having a deer on the cap. That year also introduced unfiltered beer "NEFILTRIRANO", while in 2017. they came out with a new cap color - yellow, and giveaway "POGLEDAJ ISPOD" (look under the cap). 2018. was the year of FIFA World Cup (football). 2021. came with the yellow cap redesign, and introduction of Jelen CHILL.

Carlsberg has Lav, Lav Twist (radler), Tuborg, Merak, Somersby (cider), Budweiser, Erdinger, Guinness, San Miguel, Grimbergen, Holsten and Kronenbourg 1664.

Heineken's most sold brand is Zaječarsko, followed by others: Amstel, Krušovice, Birra Moreti, Sol, Laško, Pils Plus, Cider bandit (cider).

Serbia has many craft breweries: Kabinet, Gvint, Salto, Princ, Tron, Dogma, Academia, Crow, Kors, to name those in the collection.

Nektar is the most known Bosnian beer in Serbia, followed by Karadjordje (Black Djordje) and Banjalučko (all 3 from Banjalučka brewery). Other federal parts of Bosnia are presented by Mostarsko, Tuzla brewery, and Sarajevsko.

Croatia has Velebitsko, Karlovačko, and Ožujsko, while Slovenia has Union and Laško.

Montenegro has Trebjesa brewery with Nikšićko as the main brand.

North Macedonia is presented with Skopsko, Krali Marko (Prince Marko), and Makedonsko beer.


Third tray is a Spanish set:

Polish, Moldovan and Romanian set:


Germany and Bulgaria:


Czech republic, variuos countries with one cap, more Polish and Spanish caps:


USA, UK, variuos countries with one cap,Ukraine and Russia:


Belgium, Italy and Holland:


Lithuania, Ukraine and Russia:


The last tray are non-beer caps from mixed drinks (Le Coq), coolers (with Smirnoff vodka and Bacardi rum), ciders (Somersby, Stari lisac / Sajder bandit in Serbia, Strongbow), and non-alcoholic drinks (Pepsi, Sprite, Coca Cola, Fanta, Schweppes, tonic). The first section are Spanish sodas, juices, ciders and mineral water caps:

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